Developer Preview

Any Cloud, Any Edge, at Any Scale

Imagine.  Create.  Scale.


Welcome to the sign up for the Cosmonic Developer Preview, we're excited for you to try it out! For the next little bit, Cosmonic will be in Developer Preview while we continue to tune and improve the platform.

Cosmonic is a lightweight, low-boilerplate platform that takes developers from idea, to implementation, to scale in a few simple steps while only writing the code that matters.

The Cosmonic platform is built on wasmCloud, the fast-growing Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) sandbox project and platform-agnostic environment for composing distributed applications with Wasm and running them in the cloud and at the edge. Cosmonic combines the flexibility and portability of wasmCloud and comes replete with an intuitive suite of Wasm-powered tools, features, and services that radically abstract complexity from application development and management. With Cosmonic, developers can seamlessly scale applications across diverse devices, CPUs, and clouds - including their own.

We will be rolling out access to those who sign up as quickly as possible over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on your inbox once you sign up!


Cosmonic: Distributed App Platform